A number of the Group’s members at our Annual Retreat in September 2015.


The MRC Tropical Epidemiology Group (TEG) led by Professor Helen Weiss, is based within the Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology. The Group was established in 1972 and now comprises 34 statisticians and epidemiologists with a research portfolio of over 30 grants.  We conduct studies on the epidemiology and control of major public health problems of developing countries, with a major focus on HIV, tuberculosis, malaria and neglected tropical disease, and a special emphasis on intervention studies. The Group’s research is largely based in Africa and Asia.

Below are a few recent examples of where our work has had a significant impact on health policy and practice:

  • Results from the group’s studies in Tanzania have helped the Tanzanian national HPV vaccination programme to plan and implement HPV vaccination delivery strategies in Tanzania.
  • The World Health Organisation has produced policy recommendations for the management of SMC, based on the review of evidence which included pivotal work performed by members of TEG.
  • Group members helped to develop a new standard treatment regimen for visceral leishmaniasis which was incorporated into national treatment guidelines in Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan and Uganda.
  • The work of TEG has influenced the World Health Organisation’s new guidelines on antiretroviral therapy with specific reference to task shifting and decentralisation in Africa.

Group members also have an active role in international technical and policy advisory groups to ensure that results from our studies are used to influence global policy, governance and guidelines.

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