HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Infections


HIV/AIDS prevention projects in Mozambique.
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We are involved in a number of studies which seek to better understand the dynamics of the HIV epidemic and its drivers as well as various randomised trials to evaluate HIV prevention and treatment strategies. The main aim of the Group’s work on HIV research is to evaluate prevention and treatment strategies. We continue our long-standing collaborations with the MRC/UVRI Unit in Uganda and MITU/NIMR in Tanzania, for example through the cohort of women at high risk in Kampala, which highlight the need for interventions to treat sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and to address alcohol use disorders in these vulnerable populations. There is increasing emphasis on the need for combination HIV prevention strategies, and the role of treatment as prevention. Mathematical models have predicted that test-and-treat interventions, in which the entire community is encouraged to access voluntary HIV testing with immediate onset of antiretroviral therapy (ART) for those infected (irrespective of CD4 count) may lead to steep reductions in HIV incidence. TEG has secured a major grant for the PopART trial, a three-arm cluster RCT in Zambia and South Africa that will evaluate the effectiveness of offering household-based HIV testing and offering immediate ART to all those testing positive.

Key Publications

Baisley K, Baeten JM, Hughes JP, Donnell DJ, Wang J, Hayes R, Jones DW, Celum C (2013) Summary Measures of Adherence Using Pill Counts in Two HIV Prevention Trials: The Need for Standardisation in Reporting. AIDS Behav. 17(9):3108-19. doi: 10.1007/s10461-013-0542-9.

Pathai S, Lawn SD, Gilbert CE, McGuinness D, McGlynn L, Weiss HA, Port J, Christ T, Barclay K, Wood R, Bekker LG, Shiels PG (2013) Accelerated biological aging in HIV-infected individuals in South Africa: a case-control study. AIDS. 27(15):2375-84. doi: 10.1097/QAD.0b013e328363bf7f.

 Staff working on HIV & STIs:


Theme Leader
Professor Helen Weiss
Kathy Baisley John Bradley Aoife Doyle Katherine Fielding
Sian Floyd Suzanna Francis Heiner Grosskurth Richard Hayes
James Lewis Andrea Rehman Kalpana Sabapathy Victoria Simms
Emily Webb



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