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Girl collecting mosquito nets, central Africa.
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The Group has an expanding research programme in malaria. In 2011-12, this ranged from trials of malaria vaccines, malaria vector control tools, seasonal malaria chemoprevention, delivery systems for effective treatment drugs and long-lasting insecticidal nets, to studies on the impact of insecticide resistance on malaria vector control, the evaluation of programmatic interventions, and the epidemiology of malaria elimination. We collaborate closely with scientists in the UK and malaria endemic countries, with international agencies and with national malaria control programmes and other local implementing partners.


Key Publications
Rehman AM, Mann AG, Schwabe C, Reddy MR, Roncon Gomes I, Slotman MA, Yellott L, Matias A, Caccone A, Nseng Nchama G, Kleinschmidt I (2013) Five years of malaria control in the continental region, Equatorial Guinea. Malaria Journal 12:154. doi: 10.1186/1475-2875-12-154.

West PA, Protopopoff N, Wright A, Kivaju Z, Tigererwa R, Mosha F, Kisinza W, Rowland M, Kleinschmidt I. Indoor residual house spraying in combination with insecticide treated nets compared to insecticide treated nets alone for protection against malaria: Results of a cluster randomised trial in Tanzania. PLoS Med 2014; 11(4): e1001630.

Staff working on malaria:


Theme Leader 
Dr Immo Kleinschmidt

Neal Alexander

John Bradley Matthew Cairns

Clare Flach

Paul Milligan Andrea Rehman Joanna Schellenberg Peter Smith
Emily Webb Barbara Willey


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