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Dissertation title

Abubaker Lule Neal Alexander Dengue transmission dynamics in Sri Lanka: evaluating spatial heterogeneity, transmission intensity, and the effect of population mobility
Alasdair Cook Simon Cousens Strategies to control salmonella infection in pigs
Augustine Choko Kathy Baisley Incidence of tuberculosis infection among adolescents in rural KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Benson Droti (DrPH) David Ross One month versus three months of ARV refills in Uganda
Chido Dziva Chikwari Christian Bottomley Reduction of early mortality among HIV-infected individuals on ART in Tanzania and Zambia
Claudia Hanson Joanna Schellenberg The epidemiology of maternal mortality in Southern Tanzania
Elhadji Ba Paul Milligan Establishing demographical surveillance system for monitoring serious adverse events and mortality in an area where seasonal IPTc is being implemented
Eugene Ruzagira Katherine Fielding Statistical design and analysis of cluster-randomised stepped wedge trials
Ghina Mumtaz Helen Weiss The epidemiology of HIV infection among high-risk populations in the Middle East and North Africa
Godfather Kimaro Katherine Fielding PArtner-provided HIV Self-Testing and Linkage (PASTAL) in antenatal care clinics: methodology and delivery of an adaptive cluster-randomised trial in Blantrye, Malawi
Gregory Kabadi Joanna Schellenberg Towards a new method for evaluating national maternal health programmes in Tanzania: measuring implementation strength of focused antenatal care and emergency obstetric care
Imran Morhasen-Bello Suzanna Francis The epidemiology of and risk factors for oro-genital and anal human papillomavirus infections among sexually active Nigerians: A mixed methods study
Ivan Kasamba Heiner Grosskurth Effect of counselling on linkage to HIV care after home-based HIV testing in rural Uganda: An intervention study
Jennifer Thompson James Lewis Hypertension among the adult population in Lusaka province: prevalence, determinants, awareness and control
Joel Francis Heiner Grosskurth/Helen Weiss Epidemiology of alcohol use disorders and their contribution to STIs and HIV in Tanzania
Kalpana Sabapathy Richard Hayes From Testing to Treatment in PopART/HPTN 071 – Factors associated with the uptake of interventions and the impact on clinical status of patients presenting for care
Kate Sabot (DrPH) Joanna Schellenberg Evaluating factors that determine the effectiveness of national scale-up of community health worker models to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality in sub-Saharan Africa
Lori Miller Richard Hayes Measurement of adherence in microbicides effectiveness trials
Margaret Tembo Victoria Simms Index-linked HIV testing of children and adolescents
Monica Kuteesa Emily Webb The effect of helminth infection on insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes in rural and urban Uganda
Mzembe Themba Emily Webb Investigating the impact of pre-natal, early-life and genetic exposures on blood pressure among Ugandan adolescents, using data from a tropical birth cohort
Pamela Muniina Sian Floyd The impact of adult HIV infection and mortality on household composition, family structure, and household welfare in rural south-west Uganda, 1989-2006
Philippa West Immo Kleinschmidt Investigating the complementary use of two malaria vector control methods: A cluster randomised control trial in Northwest Tanzania
Pierre Martel Simon Cousens Measuring child mortality
Richard Sanya Emily Webb Epidemiology of HIV and substance abuse among young key populations in sub-Saharan Africa
Ronnie Kasirye Heiner Grosskurth/Emily Webb Whether to stop or continue cortimoxazide in HIV affected adults on ART
Sachin Shinde Helen Weiss The role and impact of social capital on risk behaviours and wellbeing in adolescents from secondary schools
Sapna Desai Simon Cousens The effect of community health worker-led group education on women’s health and utilisation of health insurance: A cluster randomised trial in Gujarat, India
Sonali Nayantara Wijayanandana Helen Weiss Epidemiology and prevention of HIV in a cohort of women involved in high risk sexual behaviour in Kampala
Stefanie Dringus David Ross Sports-based HIV prevention programme
Stephen Gichuhi Matthew Burton/Helen Weiss The epidemiology and management of ocular surface squamous neoplasia in Kenya
Yusuke Shimakawa Christian Bottomley Natural history of chronic hepatitis B infection in the Gambia, West Africa
Zachery Kaufman David Ross Sport-based HIV prevention in South African schools: a cluster RCT

Studies Completed




Anatoli Kamali Richard Hayes Research on the epidemiology and prevention of HIV in rural South West Uganda, 1989-2010 (City University, London)
Anita Ramesh Neal Alexander The role of residential proximity to public and private water sources in lymphatic filariasis
Anthony Ngugi Immo Kleinschmidt Prevalence, incidence and mortality of epilepsy in four health and demographic surveillance sites in Sub-Saharan Africa
Erin Anastasi (DrPH) Sian Floyd Between women’s use of antenatal care and skilled birth attendance? A case study in Northern Uganda
Intira Collins Shabbar Jaffar Outcomes and cost-effectiveness of anti retroviral treatment in HIV-affected children in Thailand
Joel Francis Heiner Grosskurth Epidemiology of alcohol use and alcohol use disorders (AUD) among young people in Northern Tanzania
Joel Francis Heiner Grosskurth Effect of cotrimoxazole on malaria in HIV-infected patients on antiretroviral therapy
Joshua Mendelsohn David Ross Is forced displacement a barrier to acceptable treatment outcomes among refugees on antiretroviral therapy? A field study in Malaysia and Kenya
Laura Ferguson David Ross Linking women who test HIV-positive in pregnancy-related services to HIV care and treatment services in Kenya: missed opportunities
Michael Wallace Simon Cousens Facilitating correction for classical covariate measurement error
Peter Horby Neal Alexander Avian, inter-pandemic, and pandemic influenza in Vietnam
Rebecca Geary Emily Webb Geographic access to health facilities and child survival in rural Ethiopia
Ronnie Kasirye Emily Webb Youth-friendly health services: a critical investigation of provision and young people’s experiences in South Africa
Salome Charalambous Katherine Fielding A study to identify clinic-level factors which may determine clinical outcomes on antiretroviral therapy (ART) in patients attending primary health clinics in South Africa
Samuel Biraro Helen Weiss Herpes Simplex Virus type-2: Epidemiological trends and relation with trends in HIV incidence and HIV transmission in south-western Uganda
Stephen Gichuhi Helen Weiss The epidemiology of alcohol use among young people in Tanzania
Susan Mavedzenge-Napierala Helen Weiss The epidemiology of Mycoplasma genitalium and HIV infection
Suzanna Francis Richard Hayes Are intravaginal practices a risk factor for HIV acquisition: An in-depth exploration of highly prevalent behaviours among women at high risk of HIV infection in Tanzania and Uganda (Awarded Cicely Williams Prize)
Yemisrach Okwaraji Helen Weiss The epidemiology and management of ocular surface squamous neopalsia in Kenya



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